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All Gifts

All Gifts
  • Milk Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp®

    Milk Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp®

    Melt-in-your-mouth Milk Chocolate meets buttery CaramelCrisp® for a pairing so delicious they’ll melt your heart.

  • Dark Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp®

    Dark Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp®

    Silky smooth Dark Chocolate coats our handcrafted CaramelCrisp® for a gourmet treat you’ll savor again, and again, and again…

  • White Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp®

    White Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp®

    NEW! Luscious White Chocolate coats our sweet CaramelCrisp® for a taste that is pure heaven.

  • Spring Bundles

    Spring Bundles

    Celebrate Spring with our newest and most classic recipes! 1 Gallon of handcrafted Garrett Mix paired with a Quart of freshly prepared White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate covered CaramelCrisp® is the perfect way to welcome a new season.

  • Chocolate Trio Gift Set

    Chocolate Trio Gift Set

    Can’t decide which of our Chocolate covered CaramelCrisp® is your favorite? Enjoy all three! This beautifully wrapped trio includes our silky smooth Milk, Dark and White Chocolate covered CaramelCrisp® recipes.

  • B-Ball Bundles

    B-Ball Bundles

    Celebrate College Basketball’s biggest games with our very own “FOUR” B-Ball Bundles! These champion flavors also come with a branded scoop, napkins, authentic Garrett® bags and a complimentary foam basketball*.

    *While supplies last.

  • Garrett Popcorn Balls

    Garrett Popcorn Balls

    Let the good times roll with Vanilla Popcorn Balls wrapped in style! They’re handcrafted fresh using all natural ingredients without food coloring and preservatives.

  • Baby Bundle

    Baby Bundle

    Whether it’s a boy or a girl, Garrett Popcorn is a great way to say, “Congratulations New Mom!” One size fits most, Velcro closure in the back for easy removal. Since “Love is Messy” our bibs are machine-washable.

  • Shorty Pack

    Shorty Pack

    Our collection of 12 one-quart Tins, gently filled with Garrett Mix®, allows you to share your good taste this season with family, friends and colleagues.

  • Create Your Own Favor Bag

    Create Your Own Favor Bag

    This create-your-own package is everything you need to make personalized wedding favors, welcome Bags, or a must-have treat at the sweets table.

  • Party Pack

    Party Pack

    Choose either 24 or 48 Garrett Popcorn Bags filled with about 4 cups of your favorite Garrett Mix®.

  • E-Certificate


    Great for any occasion! An electronic gift certificate from Garrett Popcorn Shops® is a fast and easy gift idea.