A Chicago Tradition Since 1949

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  • KettleCorn


    Lightly glazed with a touch of sugar and hint of salt, this light, crisp and airy seasonal favorite is back for a very limited time. Enjoy a Tin today.

  • Handcrafted Summer Bundle

    Handcrafted Summer Bundle

    Summertime, and the livin' is easy with a One Gallon Tin of our small batch Garrett Mix® and a Quart Tin of your favorite summertime recipe, KettleCorn.

  • KettleCorn Lovers Bundle

    KettleCorn Lovers Bundle

    As lighthearted as a front porch conversation, One Gallon of our exclusive summertime recipe, KettleCorn, and a Quart Tin of our world famous Garrett Mix®, will have you cheerfully snacking all evening long.

  • Summer Gold Gift Set

    Summer Gold Gift Set

    Light and delicious decisions abound in our elegantly embossed Summer Gold Tin. It doesn't get more summery than our uniquely hot air popped KettleCorn, our classic Buttery recipe and our Like No Other, world famous Garrett Mix®.