A Chicago Tradition Since 1949

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  • Smoky CheeseCorn

    Smoky CheeseCorn

    Back for a limited time, real hickory smoke meets freshly melted cheddar cheese for the perfect summertime snack!

  • Smoky Gold Gift Set

    Smoky Gold Gift Set

    Enjoy a smokin’ Gift Set featuring these favorite Garrett® recipes: Smoky CheeseCorn, Buttery and, of course, the original Garrett Mix®. Decisions, decisions. Which delicious recipe to delight in first?

  • Red, White and Buttery Bundle

    Red, White and Buttery Bundle

    Just in time for summer, savor a Quart of our Buttery goodness paired with 1 Gallon of our small batch Garrett Mix®

  • Smoky Summer Bundle

    Smoky Summer Bundle

    Enjoy a perfect taste of summer with an irresistibly savory Quart Tin of Smoky CheeseCorn accompanied by a One Gallon Tin of our classic Garrett Mix®.

  • Celebration Bundle

    Celebration Bundle

    Our festive Tinfetti Tins are perfect for every summer celebration! Enjoy a One Gallon Tin of our seasonal Smoky CheeseCorn recipe paired with a Quart Tin of sweet, savory and irresistible Garrett Mix®. Celebrate your good taste with this delicious, summery Bundle!

  • Cashew Bundle

    Cashew Bundle

    Spring colors are in bloom with 1 Gallon of delicious Garrett Mix® paired with a Quart of delectable Cashew CaramelCrisp® in a limited edition Tin. 

  • Pecan Bundle

    Pecan Bundle

    Go a little nuts with a Quart of locally roasted Pecan CaramelCrisp® and 1 Gallon of handcrafted Garrett Mix®.

  • Shorty Pack Garrett Tinfetti Tin - Garrett Mix®

    Shorty Pack Garrett Tinfetti Tin - Garrett Mix®

    Throw those graduation caps into the air and get the party started with this festive Shorty Pack featuring our celebratory Tinfetti Tins filled with freshly handcrafted Garrett Mix®.