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For Your Client Gifting

Personalize The Gift of Garrett
Shorty Pack

Shorty Pack

A perfect remembrance for everyone who helped make your business a success.  Say "thank you" to your valued customers.


Personalize Your Gift of Garrett®

Create a lasting impression with a personalized Tin lid, featuring your image, message or company logo. If you would like to add a custom lid to your order please call us at (888) 4-POPCORN and a Garrett representative will assist you with your order.

Corporate Bags

Available in small, medium or large. These bags can be filled with The Chicago Mix or your preferred flavor choice. Add your company’s label to lend a personal touch. 
Call (866) 676-7267 for pricing and delivery information.



Party Pack

Choose either 24 or 48 medium Garrett Popcorn bags filled with 4 cups of The Chicago Mix. Overnight shipping is included.


"Garrett Popcorn has been our choice for holiday gifting for so many years.  From the first contact with my personal representative, to the pack and shipping, to the great tasting popcorn, it's first class all the way."

—Deborah J. Park Ridge, Illinois