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Popcorn is Happy Food™


Chicago Mix

Created by our loyal fans, the Chicago Mix combines sweet CaramelCrisp® with savory CheeseCorn™.

Garrett Popcorn CaramelCrisp


Deep butter notes, sweet brown sugar and a crème brûlée crunch combine for a rich taste sensation.

Garrett Popcorn CheeseCorn


Freshly-melted, sharp cheddar cheese is stirred into each and every batch. Fans proudly display their "Cheesy-Fingers!"

Garrett Popcorn Buttery


Crispy. Creamy. Classic. Enjoy a handful of buttery goodness and savor the taste of pure popcorn perfection.

Garrett Popcorn Almond CaramelCrisp

Almond CaramelCrisp®

Spoil your taste buds! The addition of roasted almonds to our delicious CaramelCrisp® creates an irresistible indulgence.

Garrett Popcorn Pecan CaramelCrisp

Pecan CaramelCrisp®

Enjoy some Southern hospitality with our locally roasted pecans, lending extra flair to our beloved CaramelCrisp®.

Garrett Popcorn Cashew CaramelCrisp

Cashew CaramelCrisp®

Freshly roasted cashews elevate our golden CaramelCrisp® to a new level of delectable sophistication.

Garrett Popcorn Macadamia CaramelCrisp

Macadamia CaramelCrisp®

Our world famous CaramelCrisp® becomes a tantalizing, tropical treat with the introduction of exotic macadamia nuts.

Garrett Popcorn Plain Popcorn


Our special blend of mushroom and butterfly kernels are hot air popped throughout the day. A taste so fresh, you will soon forget that we left the salt and butter behind.

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