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Michelle Obama answers a reader's question


Michelle Obama answers a reader's question

May 29, 2012 -- USA TODAY asked readers to submit questions for Michelle Obama, and we asked her one of them. It was submitted on Twitter by Shannon Pietro, @freemarketbabe.
Her question: "Do you miss living in Chicago? What was your experience at #NATO (in
Chicago, May 20-21)?"
Michelle Obama replied:
"The community in Chicago, you know, you always miss that. But what I have found — and I talk to my kids about this all the time — is that home is where we are at any given time. Where me, Barack, Malia and Sasha, where our family is. And right now, we're all here (in Washington, D.C.).
"So this is home in so many ways. I mean, we have a house that has stuff in it back in Chicago. We have friends that we love who we invite here all the time. But the truth is, is that if you plucked us up and put us anywhere right now, what we'd know with this change is that we're always a family when we're together. And in the end, that's what really matters.
"So while I like going back to Chicago — I like to see the lake — this is home now because this is where we've built our lives. And when it's time to leave, we'll build it somewhere else."
Q: Is there anything in particular you miss, though?

"Oh, the restaurants. I love the restaurants. Chicago has some of the best restaurants and the most diverse cuisine. So I miss being able to go grab some Garrett Popcorn and then get some deep-dish pizza — which I did while I was home at NATO. I think I did all of that in a day, and felt a little sick because of it." She laughs.

"I went overboard. The barbecue joints — anywhere you go, you can get great barbecue. I mean, I could go on and on about the food. Some of our favorite restaurants are still in Chicago. … Some of the chefs cooked for the NATO spouses, so I got a little touch of a couple of my favorite chefs.
"The lake, the lakefront. There's nothing more beautiful in Chicago than a crisp, bright, sunny day driving or walking around, along the lake, and you see that water just sparkling, and the boats just bobbing on their buoys, and people are out really enjoying the city, and the skyline is breathtaking, and the river is running through the city.
"I mean, I could go on. I love my city — especially in the summer. In the winter, it's another story."She laughs again.

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